Bloggers Needed!!!

We are looking for new bloggers!!! Are you between the ages of 12-29? Interested in social issues and creating change? Love writing, or sharing information with others? Well this is the perfect opportunity for you! We need 3-5 bloggers to share their thoughts on all kinds of social issues, you can help educate others about issues such as poverty, the environment, discrimination, bullying, refugee and … Continue reading Bloggers Needed!!!

12 Things No One Told Me About Break-Ups

Initially, you won’t feel anything. You’re not even upset—just numb. But when it hits you, your entire being is just shattered. So that’s fun. And it doesn’t go away. In fact, life stays kind of crappy for a while. Food is actually your best friend and the only thing that distracts you for a while. You have the urge to vent on social media (but … Continue reading 12 Things No One Told Me About Break-Ups

Success: The Way You See It

Senior year of high school can be difficult. Especially at my school. Well, school in general can be difficult. Actually, just putting in effort to work for a system can be difficult. But the most difficult thing about it would be remembering and believing that the grades and scores we get don’t reflect our worth as a person. We realize that the SAT or AP … Continue reading Success: The Way You See It

The Snaerok: An Intriguing Culture

Adapted from Elise Rooney’s “The Nacirema: A Unique Culture” and anthropologist Horace Miner’s “Body Ritual among the Nacirema”; University of Michigan By Jaewon Lee              For the past five years, I had the privilege of studying the intriguing culture of the Snaerok. I was able to observe and participate in some of the eccentric cultural activities. I was able to record the behavior and reflect … Continue reading The Snaerok: An Intriguing Culture

Education… what’s going on with our education systems?

Waiting for Superman is a documentary that depicts the harrowing state of the education system in the United States of America. This documentary shows us how issues of inequality and poverty create barriers for students trying to access education, even in a country as “developed” as the U.S.A. These are issues we often think plague only “poor, underdeveloped” countries. The reality is, these issues are present … Continue reading Education… what’s going on with our education systems?